The CircaNICA Story


Since 2003, CircaNICA has partnered with government, the education sector, corporate and not-for-profit groups to create innovative circus productions. Our services go beyond the delivery of outstanding circus performances, we can help you find a solution to your long-term entertainment needs.

Museum Victoria

CircaNICA’s partnership with Museum Victoria created the highly successful Backyard Bug Circus in 2007, Bee Circus in 2008 and The Walking Whale Circus in 2009.

The most recent collaboration with Museum Victoria resulted in ‘Circus of Spin.’ Developed for Scienceworks’ Autumn Holiday Program, the show comprised two artists presenting a 20 minute piece based on spinning objects and balance. With 30 performances over 15 days, the show was attended by a record 29,240 people.


CRICOS number 00111D
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