Corporate Events

Circa NICA
Event: AAMI Park Opening

Twenty-four CircaNICA artists performed at the opening of the new soccer stadium in Melbourne's city centre. Guests were greeted by elegantly dressed stilt-walkers then glimpsed numerous circus artists performing on high podiums inside the stadium. Jugglers, hula hoopers, hand-balancers, manipulators, contortionists and acrobatic duos entertained guests as they made their way to the VIP area. The distinguished guests were then treated to a performance of magic, rolla bola and contortion hula hoops as they dined.


Produce, costumes, hair, make up


Juggling, hat and cane, hula hoops, handstands, contortion, Icarian games, adagio, crystal ball and hat manipulation, foot juggling, character work and clowning, acrobatics, rolla bola, diabolo, magic

CRICOS number 00111D
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