Corporate Events

Circa NICA
Event: DeWALT Internal Product Launch

Willett Marketing was in charge of putting together an internal launch for a new line of DeWALT power tools. CircaNICA was commission to create a "Kill Bill" themed act to inspire their sales staff. The act was to reflect the “killer” attitude this new line of products was to have in the market place. The performance was set in an eerie warehouse. As guests were led down a spooky laneway, shady characters burst out from their hiding places, breaking the silence. Beatrix Kiddo fought off Elle Driver, crashing through a roller door and leading the way into a warehouse. Next came a high energy acrobatics display. Fighting off her opponents (Crazy 88’s, Gogo Yabari, O Ren Ishi and Bill), Beatrix Kiddo represented DeWALT overcoming her rivals.


Produce, choreograph, hair, makeup, costumes, music


Acrobatics, sword-fighting, meteors, chainsaw juggling, skate and ramp, jump stilts, staff twirling

CRICOS number 00111D
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