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Circa NICA
Event: Australian Packaging Awards

The 2009 Australian Packaging Awards were held in recognition of the best talent and products in the current packaging and design industry. To kick-start the event, the client was seeking entertainment with wow factor and relevance. CircaNICA produced a fun choreographed scene set in a package store room. As bubble wrap, boxes, metal cans and plastic tubs were tossed, foot juggled and handstanded upon, a rope artist descended into a cardboard box and ladder balancers hopped crossed the floor!

Services: Produce, choreograph, costume, hair, make up, music

Skills: Aerial rope, bottle and stick manipulation, clowning, Icarian games, juggling, handstands, headstands, foot juggling, ladder balancing, acrobatics, adagio

CRICOS number 00111D
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