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Nick Cilento & Allie Wilde

Allie Wilde

A producer, trainer, choreographer, director and performer, Allie is a nationally recognised specialist in theatrical adagio, aerial work and character driven stage, roving and street performance. She brings a richness and depth of understanding to her work with a background in martial arts, and performance studies at both QUT and Griffith University.

Allie has worked as performer, creative consultant, producer, director, creator, trainer and/or circus choreographer on a large number of projects, for a vast range of clients, nationally and internationally since 1998. Allie has worked with (and for) companies including Strut & Fret Production House, Dennehy Productions, Brisbane City Council, Arts Centre Gold Coast, Queensland Arts Council, Circa, Homunculus, Flipside, Vulcana, IZIT? Entertainment, QTC, Rock & Roll Circus, Arts Health Institute, More than Mime, Premiers Department, Uhan Shii Theatre Company (Taiwan), Warrawa Arts (Taipei) and Hans De Visser (ND).

In 2001 Allie and Nick formed ‘The Sault Poets’. Together they perform and run workshops nationally and internationally at schools, festivals, venues and a vast range of events.

The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)
Nick Cilento

Nick is a Brisbane-based professional circus and physical theatre performer and trainer. He is a highly skilled acrobat, counter-weighter and object manipulator, and has trained with some of the world’s best master trainers.

Since 2001 Nick has worked alongside Allie Wilde as a performer and facilitator for a wide range of national workshop and emerging professional programs. Nick has extensive training in the disciplines of clowning, movement, Suzuki, mask and improvisation. Nick also works frequently with Brisbane based companies Homunculus, Arts Health Institute, Premiers Department, IZIT? Entertainment, Wilde Applause and More than Mime.

Nick and Allie and have worked together, both performing and teaching, as the Sault Poets since 2001. Their relentless combined theatrical focus is to develop highly skilled, creative physical performance works, which are richly character and/or thematically driven. They focus much of their application of circus skills into an exploration of the potential ‘physical poetry of the body’.

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