NICA Celebrates World Circus Day

NICA Celebrates World Circus Day

To mark World Circus Day and to celebrate the role that circus plays in our worldwide cultural heritage, staff and students of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) will attempt the longest wall of handstands and the longest human pyramid.

Date: Friday 16 April 2010
Time: 1-2pm
Venue: NICA National Circus Centre, Green Street, Prahran
(Photos will be posted on the Latest News section of the NICA website after the event:

Background information about World Circus Day

World Circus Day on Saturday 17 April is an initiative of The Fédération Mondiale du Cirque. For many years the day has been celebrated by the circus community across Europe but this is the first time the day has been made a global celebration. With 34 countries participating, it is designated as a special day for circuses and circus fans around the world to join together to raise awareness of circus-related festival events and to celebrate Circus as part of our worldwide cultural heritage.

“The circus is truly ubiquitous and is found in many forms throughout the world,” said Laura van der Meer, Executive Director of the Federation. “World Circus Day was created to recognize and honour the important contributions that circuses have made to performing arts and culture. We are using an online map of the world to link these circus festivities into a worldwide celebration, but also to provide information to circus friends, enthusiasts and families to locate events in their countries,” she said.


The countries participating in World Circus Day events include those with a long tradition of Circus (China, Russia, Canada, France, Italy, Belgium, UK, USA) as well as countries such as Colombia, India, Kenya, Latvia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Vietnam.

For a full list please visit:

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