Making A Career With Gymnastics: Seven Reasons To Make The Leap To Circus

You’ve put years of training, sweat and mag into gymnastics, and now you find yourself at the end of a chapter. Are you seeking a new direction? What is next after gymnastics?

Circus arts has long been a pathway for gymnasts to turn their skills into a paid career; gymnasts with circus inclinations often cite companies like Cirque du Soleil or Dragone as dream employers.

Read on to learn more about what the transition can offer you, with our top seven reasons to make the leap to circus:

1. Continue the athletic lifestyle
So your career as a gymnast is complete, but you still have that passion for the sport, that want and need to train. Circus affords that athletic lifestyle with likeminded people who love training #circuseveryday. Master new apparatus like tramp wall, Russian bar, straps, handstands, roue Cyr and more. Training in circus every day will bring greater variety and versatility to the skills you already have. Circus artists are also elite athletes.

2. Perform more
Who doesn’t love an audience?! Circus professionals can be on stage up to ten times a week! And getting paid for it! This requires an elite level of training, fitness and endurance which means your gymnastic background will come in handy.

3. More freedom and creativity
Whilst gymnastics has rules to govern the competition and guide how an athlete should move, circus gives a level of free range to a performer and their creativity. Circus is a blank canvas that allows you to test and showcase all of your skills and training. While there are some circus competitions, most circus artists work more in “show” situations. There are literally no rules, and it is a non-competitive environment.

4. Diverse and inclusive community
Think circus, think variety! There are so many different avenues and pathways for circus artists, which creates a culture that is supportive and celebrates diversity. The circus community is welcoming for newcomers with all different backgrounds and personalities. The production, creative and technical staff are also part of the tight-knit community, where “everybody knows everybody.”

5. Get paid to do what you love
Not everyone knows it, but circus has long been a viable career option. Having a creative job and not having to wear a suit every day is another obvious perk of being a circus performer; so you can continue training and also generate a future for yourself. International and National tours and Festivals, corporate events, TV commercials, cruise ships, and circus companies like Circus Oz, Circa, Dragone and Cirque Du Soleil have provided opportunities for NICA graduates.

6. Walk away with a Qualification
Through studying Circus Arts at NICA, not only are you able to continue training but you will receive a Certificate III, IV or Bachelor degree, setting you up for the next step after your physical career comes to its natural end. NICA graduates can go on to postgraduate study in subjects such as Sports Science, Arts and Cultural Management, Directing and Choreography, and Business Management.

NICA is the only place in the Australia that offers a specialised and elite circus arts degree course. Plus, how stoked will your Folks be, taking snap happy shots at your graduation ceremony.

7. Gymnastic skills will give you a head start
A gymnastic background translates wonderfully into circus arts and NICA loves receiving applications from people with gym experience. After training at a high intensity, your body will be prepared for learning new skills. Your aerial awareness will also hold you in good stead. Some of NICA’s top trainers and students were previous elite gymnasts.

The National Institute of Circus Arts in Prahran, boasts custom made facilities, including a large performance space, and is supported by the Australian Government Department for Communications and the Arts.

Read more about NICA’s Certificate and Bachelor courses at the NICA website Course Page and sign up to the Inside Track mailing list - occasional emails giving you the best chance at a successful NICA audition.


Above image featuring NICA graduate Jon Campos, taken by Aaron Walker Photographer.

Article added 16 Aug 2018

National Institute of Circus Arts

Making A Career With Gymnastics: Seven Reasons To Make The Leap To Circus

You’ve put years of training, sweat and mag into gymnastics, and now you find yourself at the end of a chapter....

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