Circa NICA

A 2010 collaboration with Museum Victoria resulted in ‘Circus of Spin.’ Developed for Scienceworks’ Autumn Holiday Program, the show comprised two artists presenting a 20 minute piece based on spinning objects and balance. With 30 performances over 15 days, the show was attended by a record 29,240 people.

In 2013, CircaNICA presented ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink’ for Sciencework’s Winter Holiday Program. The show explored the science behind household objects.

The following winter, we produced ‘The Dino Show’. CircaNICA performers Tom Davis and Elena Kirschbaum went on trip back in time to investigate the Dino-dominating environment of the Cretaceous period, incorporating lots of fun science facts, circus skills and physical comedy.

In 2015, ‘The Circus Inventors’ with Tom Davis and Elena Kirschbaum was an interactive circus show investigating the science behind inventions.

CRICOS number 00111D
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